Can’t go wrong with wedges


How you can find me working a 8-5 job


Say Cheese


I’ve been whitening my teeth for the past year (estimating) and I love it. I don’t use any of that off-the-counter stuff like Crest white or anything like that, rather, I got my kit from my dentist.

The brand is Philips and it was about $200 CAN.

The first time you get everything it comes with about 6 tubes of teeth whitening and a retainer looking object that is custom made just for you (that’s what makes the whole kit expensive).

Refills after you finish the product is only $35 a tube.

All you have to do is put a pea sized amount on each tooth in the mold and pop it into your teeth. The version I had would require you to keep it in for 30 mins, following a quick brush with some toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The reason for this is because this type of toothpaste has a ingredient that coats the sensitive parts of the teeth.

The reason I chose to go through my doctor for this instead of Walmart is because I highly value my teeth and I know that that stuff is just junk. Not going to ruin my teeth to save a couple of bucks.

All in the Eyes


Today was a day for elegant jewelry, pulled back hair, and natural (but with some umph) makeup.

Had a low pony and pulled thin pieces to make it less formal – because who really wants to look formal (I mean come on, do I work in a bank? No.)

Workhall spring preview

IMG_20150528_201527 IMG_20150529_164054Just straight out addicted to Workhall.

Maybe because it reminds me of Aritzia with a twist, or maybe it’s because it’s a #yeg designer. Regardless, it slays.

We went to the spring collection preview event at their studios down here in Edmonton’s downtown. Served chocolate and champagne, plus 20% off the whole collection. Check check and check



IMG_20150529_103401After all that bleach stress, I decided to dye my hair all brown.

What ended up happening is that, since i bleached my hair, the brown that went on top is already starting to fade, creating an ombre look. I’m convinced that ombre is the only hair style for me and it’ll show up on my hair one way or another.

Pants – Aritzia

Headed to a collection release party afterwards