My Ombre Hair Routine.


Each product that I mention. From left to right is first used to last.


If you’ve noticed through my Instagram pics or Youtube videos, it’s pretty obvious that I’m half blonde. Ombre, to be politically correct.


Being a natural dark brown colour, it took a lot of trial and error to get my hair like this. I never bleached my hair, and I made the length and health of the hair my main focus. To add, I’ve never been to a hair salon before in my life, as I prefer to teach myself everything related to beauty. My moms a certified hair stylist, so she’s been able to educate me on dyes and cuts since the womb.


This is how I MAINTAIN my ombre hair. (If you want another blog post on how I dyed it, let me know) :


It all starts in the shower:

1. I use any cleaning shampoo on my roots, since that’s where the grease buildup is – but, I don’t work it down to the ends. I use any Dove shampoo.


*side note: my hair is almost up to my belly button*


2. Then, I use my purple shampoo, AG colour care, for the dyed (blonde) part. Purple or lavender shampoo is used to counteract any copper that wants to return to natural brown hair. It keeps the blonde in the hair looking ashy. I keep this purple shampoo in for about 5 minutes before I wash it out (usually keeping it up with a clip).


3. After I wash the purple shampoo out and watch as my white shower turns lavender until it finds its way down the drain, it’s time for conditioner. I use my Liquid Gold Organic Argan Oil conditioner that I purchased from winners for about $10. I leave it in for another 5-8 minutes.




Out of the shower:


3. I skip the conditioning step and decide to deep condition my hair OUT of the shower. I only do this once a week if not less. I use Wella Brilliance deep conditioner for thick hair (the red container). When I use it, I grab a generous amount (depending on your hair length) and focus it on the ends (don’t put it on your roots or else your hair will look greasy faster). I make my hair into a quick bun and put a plastic bag over my hair to contain the heat (conditioner works best with heat, but most of us don’t have the fancy machinery at home like they do in salons). After 30 minutes I wash the conditioner off.


4. As the hair is still damp, I use my AG colour care bb cream as a second conditioner, making sure I don’t put it on my roots. I sometimes swap this product with Milk Shakes incredible milk 12 effects leave in treatment. They both do the same thing for my hair, but the Milk Shake product smells AMAZING.



5. Now, it’s on to one last conditioner (excessive I know, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do). Getting my AG keratin repair reconstruct intense anti-breakage mask I focus it directly on my ends.


6. Dry my hair as normal.


7. When my hair is 90-100% dry I get my nu-Me hydro punch hydrating intense oil (a really small amount goes a long way with this product) and finger comb it through my hair (again, not on my roots).


Then all you have to do is style and you’re done. I know its very excessive and time consuming but you really do need to take extra measures when you dye your hair, especially when you’re going dark brown to a ash blonde.


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