My waxing kit that kicks ass

Apart from epilating my hair (see earlier post on my blog) I also wax. I used to wax my bikini & upper lip – but now I just wax the upper lip since I decided to get laser hair removal on the bikini (which I strongly recommend).

Anyways… here are the products/tools I use:


My go-to heater is the amazing GiGi single wax warmer. The only problem with this is that you have to continue using GiGi waxes, but I have no problem with it since they’re absolutely amazing (and have a lot of different types to choose from – aka chocolate wax). It has three settings: low, medium, and high. And takes about 20 minutes to heat up the wax completely. I’ve tried “traditional” microwavable wax but it came to this point where it was just annoying to constantly bring it back to the microwave to heat it back up again.


Next, we have the wax itself. As previously mentioned I use all GiGi wax products. I have the “All Purpose Honee” that, like it says, is all purpose. That being said, I use it mostly on my body. I don’t have very sensitive skin, but I would advice to buy their sensitive version to use on the face. All you do is pop this can into the heater and wait.


Now for the wax paper. I bought this larger pack of wax strips that have lasted me FOREVER. I know it comes in a smaller roll, but it all depends on which brand you buy. I would advice going to a Sally’s beauty supply to purchase this, you don’t want to cheap out on something that’s going to break on you mid-pull. OR if you have old sheets that are stained or you’re going to throw away anyways, they make an amazing replacement for wax strips. Just like what you’d do to this roll – cut out the size appropriate to what you need.


Last but not least we have the applicator tool: aka Popsicle sticks. You can go to literally any crafts store or dollar store and buy a pack of these for a dollar. I do know that the professional beauty supply stores have different sizes to reach on different areas of the body, but if you know what you’re doing, it should be fine.

A TIP – Use olive oil after the waxing session to remove any lingering wax on the skin. Soap won’t do anything.


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