How I organize my makeup collection/vanity

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When you start to collect a lot of makeup, it becomes a struggle figuring out a way to organize it all. I’ve done some research on the vinyl makeup organizers that are being seen everywhere, but who really wants to drop that kind of cash on just one container? Not me. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Ikea will be your best friend. They have a large variety of simple desks that have a lot of space on/in them for an affordable price
  • I keep all my brushes in jars with sand and beads mixed into it. The beads helps keep the brushes standing upright. You can buy beads from a dollar store or any craft store

I like to keep a clear table so I have a lot of room to work when I’m getting ready

Onto the makeup…


I bought this shelf from JYSK for about $40 and it’s large enough to hold everything that I have, and separate each item(s) by purpose.


On the top shelf:

  • I have some lipstick holders. Each container holds 9 lipsticks and I bought them at the dollar store – ironically for $2
  • next to them I have a bag that holds all of my fake eyelashes so they’re all together when I need to quickly find them

IMG_0774Next shelf:

  • I have my container that holds the majority of my lipsticks. It also has a slit in the back-mid part where I can slip a small palette in. I got this at Winners for $12 and I do remember them having other styles
  • In the back (harder to see in the picture) I have most of my foundations that I don’t use too often and other skin care creams
  • On the right side I have my finishing powders, most used foundation, and some gel liners


aaand next shelf:

  • I purchased this very old beautiful organizer at Winners. I think it’s originally supposed to hold books or magazines, but why not use it for two things if it’ll do the job just as good?
  • On the far right I added two palettes that I don’t use too much, but still gained a personal-hoarding connection with
  • The rest of my palettes are in the far back “book/magazine” slit
  • This is where I keep my concealers, highlighters, eyebrow powders, primers, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers…and so on


Last but not least, the “nail shelf”:

  • All of my nail polishes call this shelf their home
  • I organize each polish by colour so I have all the different shades in one spot when I’m feeling like a “green” for example
  • The nail container holds about 14-16 nail polishes each, and it’s transparent, so you can just lift the whole thing up and look right through it for a colour. Bought at the dollar store, probably supposed to be used for soap or some type of cleaning supplies like that
  • The cotton balls and acetone (nail polish remover) are all placed on this shelf as well


  1. mirrorthelove · March 4, 2015

    I love your set-up! I’m feeling so motivated to organise my collection now.


    • allinthebrowsblog · March 4, 2015

      Thank you! It makes everything so much easier to get to, plus it looks nice 🙂


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