Curls with a traditional large barrel curling iron


Click here to see how curls done with a straightener looks like

When you compare the difference between a tradiitonal curling iron and using a straightener to curl your hair, the results are pretty noticeable. Nonetheless they’re still both beautiful and are perfect for their own occasions and moods.

When I use a curling iron to curl my hair I use a traditional non clasp model to make sure that each strand of hair is getting the same amount of heat. I personally don’t like tighter curls, so after the curls have cooled down (the longer you wait the better), I apply my hair spray, gently comb it out with a wide tooth comb, and hair spray it again.

The result will give you beautiful large, bouncy hair.

Tip: If you want even bigger hair grab a portion of the end of your hair and back comb it up to push some of the hair towards your scalp – hairspray again

Comment and let me know if you want a video on my YouTube channel showing how to achieve it

Click here to see my ombre hair routine



  1. sonamnaiducreative · March 9, 2015

    You have gorgeous hair! Super envious.. I always curl with a straightener and I have yet to master the skill.



  2. The Simple Beginner · March 25, 2015

    Loving your gorgeous hair!!


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