LaFont Eyewear at Western Canada Fashion Week

I had the wonderful experience to model one of the beautiful frames from LaFont eyewear for this seasons Western Canada Fashion Week!

This season they supplied (and when I mean “they” I mean Paris) a handful of sunglass and prescription frames. The ones I had the privilege of modelling were more on the neutral side (compared with the rest) with exaggerated lines on the outer edges of the frames to give it that kick

(picture below)

16401012834_ddb884dc3f_o16403284283_91557ab238_z 16403291683_b85c78b923_z 16403292893_8c12499304_z  16816027397_e7d90304fe_z 16816030507_ed611db7c3_z 16816034117_65d9d3f319_z 16835660528_2577b34851_z 16835662268_8c06cbf6cb_z 16835902350_f32b5f8665_z 16837223339_bd0fb28f17_z   17022553181_a2c573754b_z 17022559871_719a9c98b4_z


One comment

  1. sonamnaiducreative · April 7, 2015

    Oh wow this is lovely and you look amazing! I was debating on attending the shows this season, perhaps next season!


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