LaFont Eyewear at Western Canada Fashion Week

I had the wonderful experience to model one of the beautiful frames from LaFont eyewear for this seasons Western Canada Fashion Week!

This season they supplied (and when I mean “they” I mean Paris) a handful of sunglass and prescription frames. The ones I had the privilege of modelling were more on the neutral side (compared with the rest) with exaggerated lines on the outer edges of the frames to give it that kick

(picture below)

16401012834_ddb884dc3f_o16403284283_91557ab238_z 16403291683_b85c78b923_z 16403292893_8c12499304_z  16816027397_e7d90304fe_z 16816030507_ed611db7c3_z 16816034117_65d9d3f319_z 16835660528_2577b34851_z 16835662268_8c06cbf6cb_z 16835902350_f32b5f8665_z 16837223339_bd0fb28f17_z   17022553181_a2c573754b_z 17022559871_719a9c98b4_z

Braided Pony

Quite simple really.

  • French braid a preferred side of your hair
  • tie an elastic band at the very end of it
  • wrap your hair in a normal pony tail
  • wrap a section of your pony tail around the elastic band – secure it with bobby pins
  • remove the elastic band from the braid and take the braid apart
    • the braid will stay where you made the whole pony tail secure
  • *if you want* you can keep the entire braid in tact and have a single braid on its own in the middle of your pony tail

Outfit/look of the day N°

IMG-20150324-WA0006 IMG-20150324-WA0032

Today was a faux fur kinda day…

  • Simple long sleeved black, tight, and low-cut $10 shirt
  • Top over with a fur vest
    • The vest and the cut to the shirt give it symmetry in the whole outfit
  • (not in picture) But I added some simple black tights
  • Vince Camuto Watch from Regular price $350, but is on sale now for $210
  • Vince Camuto Earings from $38.


  • Outlined my outer bottom lash line with black pencil
  • The rest is my everyday makeup that you guys have seen 100 X before

Look of the (night) N°1

Since the weather getting (somewhat) warmer here in Canada…it only means that the crop tops can finally come out!!

And of course, a night that reached plus 10°C was more than enough to make it appropriate in my world

For the night:

  • A gray crop top that looks more like a T-shirt that got cut in half than anything else – in gray as you can see
    • Bought from Forever 21 for roughly $10
  • Combat-looking pants – because it IS only plus 10°C afterall
    • Bought in Italy
  • Faux snake skin belt for contrast
    • Pack of 5 (different patterns and colours) from Sears for $10
  • (Below) The tallest boots that I own, but quite surprisingly comfortable
    • – unfortunately sold out – $15


Eye look N°1

I know I know…it’s been a while

Where to begin, well for starters I created this look as I went. Nothing was planned nor was it copied from someone else.


  • Begin with priming the lids
  • Add a very neutral base
  • Blend in a subtle gray-brown(ish) colour in the crease
  • and because i felt like it, add a metallic lavender on the back half of the bottom lash line
  • add mascara & lashes
  • and of course – the brows 😉

How to make your eyes appear longer without eyeliner


The answer: Simple mascara!

There are many different mascaras to choose from, but I’ve noticed that it’s all just a marketing scheme and they ultimately all just do the same thing. Of course, there might be the rare ones where the formulation of the mascara itself is amazing, but that honestly has nothing to do with the brush.

It’s all in how you work with the mascara wand.

For this look, I wanted a natural eye but with emphasis on the corners to make it seem like my eye is more cat-like or marlin monroe-e. To do this I curled my eyelashes with a eyelash curler, and packed the mascara on only the outer half portion of the eye, including the bottom lashes.

What this does is create the illusion of your eyes extending further in contrast to your inner lashes. I finished it off by cutting and deepening my crease with a neutral-dark(ish) colour

Outfit of the day N°1

IMG_0988 IMG_0991

 **Outfit of the day **

So since spring is among us (and when I mean spring I mean temperatures in the positives – Canadian) it only means that I can finally store my thick winter jackets and replace it with leather jackets and scarfs

For today I paired simple black leggings with a top from WorkHall (a local Edmontonian Designer). Then added a scarf, my Vince Camuto watch, Coach gold bracelet, and curled the hair

Bellow is the black version of the Workhall top


Click here to take you to WORKHALLs website

Curls with a traditional large barrel curling iron


Click here to see how curls done with a straightener looks like

When you compare the difference between a tradiitonal curling iron and using a straightener to curl your hair, the results are pretty noticeable. Nonetheless they’re still both beautiful and are perfect for their own occasions and moods.

When I use a curling iron to curl my hair I use a traditional non clasp model to make sure that each strand of hair is getting the same amount of heat. I personally don’t like tighter curls, so after the curls have cooled down (the longer you wait the better), I apply my hair spray, gently comb it out with a wide tooth comb, and hair spray it again.

The result will give you beautiful large, bouncy hair.

Tip: If you want even bigger hair grab a portion of the end of your hair and back comb it up to push some of the hair towards your scalp – hairspray again

Comment and let me know if you want a video on my YouTube channel showing how to achieve it

Click here to see my ombre hair routine

Curls with a straightener



Curling your hair with a straightener.

My hairs naturally wavy/frizzy if it is to dry on its own. But, when I follow the proper treatments and blow dry it, it makes curling or styling my hair in any way 100 X more easier.

For this look all I did was follow My Ombre Hair Routine as usual, turn on my hair straightener to its highest temperature and twist the iron so curls result instead of the assumed pin straight hair

If you’d like to see a step-by-step video on how I do it let me know and I’ll film a YouTube video for you guys